Over the years we’ve learned what can make a big impact on our pet sitting clients. They’re trusting us with their home, valuables and treasured pets. In addition to doing our typical tasks there are some unexpected things that can make us standout as the best and most trusted pet sitter our clients have ever had.

A Trusted Pet Sitter is a Vigilant Neighbor

During an overnight stay for a frequent client, I noticed a car backed into their neighbors driveway. The neighbors are also clients of ours. There was a person talking on their cell phone in the car for quite a while. I had never seen this car before and I knew no one was home because they park their cars outside. I had this gut feeling that something wasn’t right so I decided to text the neighbor about the car. It turned out it was their cleaning lady, but they were so thankful I let them know. Being a trusted pet sitter goes far beyond just doing your job. Get to know the neighbors and be vigilant.

Have Fresh Food for Their Return Home

After our clients have been gone for a while, the food in the refrigerator may be expired or close to it. If we’re able to communicate with them when they’re gone, we offer to make a quick trip to the store. I’m not saying buy hundreds of dollars worth of food, but maybe enough for one meal and some fresh milk. They’ll be tired from traveling all day and not having to stop at the store would be very appreciated. Because we’re a trusted pet sitter they will have either left a credit card for you to use or they’ll reimburse you when they return home. No client would ever expect us to buy their food for them unless we were the ones who ate it to begin with.

Keep the Outside Tidy

We live in Florida and more often than not clients have palm trees that consistently drop fronds in the yard. It’s not our job to do lawn maintenance, but two minutes of our time spent picking them up makes a big impact. While we’re not trying to showboat for the neighbors, they will take notice. If you care and want to do a good job, they may decide they want you as their new trusted pet sitter.

Cleaner Than You Found it

When doing an overnight stay for a client, we’re going to be using the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. Before the end of the stay, we always straighten up the house and clean up after ourselves. To stand out and make a lasting impression, we make the house a little cleaner than it was when we arrived. Wipe down the mirror that may have already had water spots, clean the sliding glass door that already had hand prints. The examples are endless and so is the appreciation our clients have. Because we’re a trusted pet sitter, they know they won’t be coming home to a mess.

Implementing these 4 tips into our pet sitting routine does really make us stand out as the best and most trusted pet sitter in the Tampa area. Don’t settle for mediocre service. We truly care for our clients, their pets and their home.