Are you considering taking a trip or vacation somewhere and want to travel with pets? There are some great ways to save money, spend an entire day away from your pet and not feel guilty for leaving them alone for so long.

Travel With Pets and Save Money

If you’re going to stay in a hotel or rental property, make sure you read their pet policy very well before booking. There are several breeds of dogs that aren’t allowed on properties because of insurance restrictions or company policies. This will help you avoid a lot of frustration and costly non-refundable cancellation fees.

You may also be charged a deposit or fee when you travel with pets. Make sure to ask about this when booking a room and compare other pet friendly rental locations in the area. It can’t hurt to ask for the fee to be waived or reduced when checking in. If your pet damages the property or has an accident, the fees may be increased.

Travel With Pets and Be Free

Just because you decided to travel with pets don’t think you can’t get out for more than a few hours. We don’t suggest leaving your pets in a hotel or rental for very long without supervision, but consider hiring a pet sitter. Even though you’re out of town, you can easily find them by using the search term “trusted pet sitter” and the zip code or city where you’ll be.

Just like if you were home, a free consultation should be done prior to the stay. It could be the day you arrive or the day you’ll need the sitter. This will ensure you and the pet feel comfortable with them and vice versa.

Travel With Pets and Hire a Pet Sitter

A professional pet sitter will have no problem sitting in a hotel room, RV or rental property with your pets. They do this for a living and should take a vested interest in the routine you’d like them to follow. Whether it be for a quick potty break or several hours, they should be able to customize a price based on your needs. Because you’ll likely never see them again, they may request payment be made in cash.

During the check in, your sitter should be able to reach you in case of an emergency or question. Test the cell phone service with a text or call shortly after you’ve left to ensure there aren’t any issues. Keep them updated on how long you expect to be gone. The more advanced notice they have, the better the chances the sitter can accommodate your request.

Travel With Pets and Enjoy Your Trip

So you’ve seen how easy it is to travel with pets while saving money, being free to spend extended periods of time away, and how to find a trusted pet sitter. The next time you’re planning a trip, consider if taking your pet with you is the right choice. Whether they come with or stay back at the house, a professional pet sitter will help make your trip less stressful for you and your furry ones. Now all that’s left to do is sit back, relax and make some fantastic memories!