You take care of your horses day in and day out, so you know exactly what each one needs. Due to this, you may be a bit uncomfortable leaving your equine friends in the care of someone else when you need to be away for a bit. However, if you know what to look for when trying to find a horse sitter in Plant City, Florida, you’ll quickly discover that you really can go on vacation without worrying about your four-footed pals.

Starting the Horse Sitter Search

The best place to start when hiring a horse sitter is by asking those around you. Speak to your vet or even the local horse supply store to see if they have any recommendations. If you have other horse owner friends, make sure to ask them as well – word of mouth is a great thing, and can help you find a pet sitter that might not be as well known in the area, but who provides exceptional service.

If you can’t find any good recommendations that way, remember the Internet is a great way to search. In most cases, simply entering “horse sitters in Plant City, Florida” will pull up a great list to get you started. Take some time to find out more about the companies offering the services, and always make sure to go through the reviews and customer comments. While you might not be able to trust all those product reviews out there, horse sitters are generally not going to waste time eliciting false reviews – they want their customers to actually trust them with their animals.

Compare Your Options

Once you’ve got a few different horse sitters in the Plant City area, take the time to compare their services and costs. Make sure you consider whether you are just looking for someone to feed and water, let the horses in and out of their stalls, or take on complete care and exercise if you are planning on being away for an extended period of time. All of these will have an impact on the overall cost, but making sure the service you are considering offers what you need will likely narrow the list.

Check Out Experience Levels

You should only consider horse sitters that have an extensive background with horses. Having a deep understanding and appreciation of horses comes with experience, so if the company you are considering is new to the Plant City, Florida area, make sure they at least have a background elsewhere.


Insurance is also important, as it will offer protection if the unthinkable happens. Plus, if the horse sitter is serious enough to pay all that money for insurance, that is a pretty good indication that he or she truly cares about their responsibilities to you and your horses.

Require an Interview & Visit

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, request an interview or consultation. This really should occur in the same location as your horses to make sure your animals don’t seem overly shy towards the sitter, or flat out refuse even to come near him or her. You don’t want to leave your horses in the care of someone they really have no interest in being around, or worse, are afraid to approach.

If you are happy with the Plant City, Florida horse sitter you choose, your next step is to make sure there is a contract that explains their services, charges and liability if something should occur while the horses are in their care.

Before you leave, make sure the necessities are right where the sitter can find them easily, and rest assured that you are leaving your horses in the care of a professional, reliable horse sitter while you’re away from them.