Certified, In-Home Animal Massage

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Keep your pet happy and healthy!

We all know dogs and cats enjoy getting rubbed and pampered, but did you know pet massage therapy also helps in many other ways? Joint pain, injuries, anxiety and aggressive behavior are just a few examples of what can be treated by a Certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner.

To get started, an initial in-home visit will be conducted to introduce you and your pet to Margaret Taormina, owner of Healing Effects Animal Massage. During this time we will do a thorough assessment of your 4-legged family member’s health history, discuss your goals and expectations, and complete a 30-45 minute hands-on session. Gait and conformation analysis and/or recording of vital signs are routinely part of the initial visit.

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Margaret Taormina
Margaret Taormina
Certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner

Once you see how positively your furry one responds to the first session, we can schedule future in-home appointments that revolve around you and your pet’s needs. We have several options that let you customize the experience they will have. If you’re traveling, let Classic Sitting Services not only provide you an expert Pet Sitter, but also a way to relieve any stress and anxiety your loved one’s may have while you’re gone.

A question you may have if you’re out of town is “How do I know you actually complete the session I’m paying for?” In addition to holding ourselves accountable for providing ethical and honest services, we also offer a live video stream of the appointment if you have an internet connection that supports it.

Pet Massage Plans and Rates

Initial Consultation

  • Includes 30-45 minute session.

60 Minute Massage

  • Package Rates Available

45 Minute Session

  • Package Rates Available

30 Minute Session

  • Package Rates Available

Rates are subject to change with multiple pet homes, short notice bookings, holidays, long distances and peak traffic times (M-F 7:30 to 9:30 am & 3:30 to 7:30 pm). All prices will be discussed and agreed on prior to the initial visit and a written quote will be provided.

Both a New Client Information form and a Vet Referral form need to be completed prior to our first session.

 Please note that massage is not a substitute for veterinary care and that a massage practitioner does not diagnose nor prescribe for injury, illness or any other physical disorder, nor does a massage practitioner treat any medical conditions in animals. Please contact your veterinarian if you have medical needs or concerns about the health of your pet.