Technology has revolutionized the way we do things. From important tasks like personal finance management to simple ones like rolling a pair of dice or flipping a coin, there’s an app for almost everything nowadays. Although some apps might sound unnecessary, we have to agree that a good number of them help make our lives better. Time To Pet is one of these apps. In fact, it is one of those apps that every pet owner & pet sitter should use.

Time To Pet Benefits

The app has incredible benefits to you as a pet owner and it will revolutionize the way you manage your pet. How does it do that? Read on.

Basic Concept

Time To Pet is an all-inclusive pet management app. It’s based on a system that has been tried and tested by thousands of companies and pet owners all over the world. What it simply does is provide pet owners a platform that makes it easy to get help taking care of your pet regardless of whether it is a dog, cat, mouse or virtually any other pet.

From basic information about your pet to scheduling dog walking services, this app has it all. Let’s take a look at how it works.

How Time To Pet Works

The app’s functions can be split into four main sections. We’ll discuss each of these sections and see how it can help you when managing your pet.

Section 1: My Info

This section is about you. It contains information such as your name, contact details, home address, emergency contact, parking instructions, and a map showing where your home is in the neighborhood. You even get the option to add your own custom fields as you deem necessary.

To protect your privacy, you can mark some fields as private to ensure that they are only accessible to people who need them. Some of the information that you can make private include your garage code, the doorman’s name, and any other access instructions that will help your pet sitter gain access to your home.

Section 2: Pets

This section is about your pets. It is where you add all their details and provide any information that will help your pet sitter when caring for your pets. You should add all your fur babies in this section unless not applicable.

Some of the fields you’ll find here include your pet’s name, type, breed, sex, color, if they have a microchip, etc. There’s also the option to upload a photo of each pet to make it easy for the cat sitter to know who’s who. You can also create custom fields if you feel that you need to provide more information.

Section 3: Scheduling

This section is about your interaction with your pet sitters. You can use it to schedule services and review any pending requests. For example, if you want your dogs to be walked twice a day, you can create a request for this. In the request, you’ll tell the sitter when you would like the services and the pets to handle when they come.

There’s also a space for adding extra comments. This is the place to add any other requests that you would like the pet sitter to handle. An example would be asking them to bring in the mail or take out the trash.

Section 4: Conversation

This is where you get updates on how the service went. Messages and pictures from your sitter will be listed here in chronological order. You can also use this section to quickly send messages directly to your sitter.

Section 5: Invoices

Finally, you will need to know how much payment is due for the services rendered. This is the section that has that information. You will be able to view your invoices for all the services rendered. If you are happy with the amount, you can conveniently make a payment from here in a few steps as well as tip your pet sitter for exceptional service.

In conclusion, Time To Pet is an all-in-one pet management solution that makes life easy for both the pet owner and the pet sitter. That probably explains why many pet sitting companies use this convenient software.