For most pet owners, taking a vacation is usually a challenge because of the problems that come with managing the pet during the trip. However, this should not keep you from enjoying the vacation with your four-legged family member. Traveling with your pet can add lots of fun and amazing memories to the trip. However, there are times when you can’t attend an event with him because of restrictions or other unavoidable circumstances. These are the times when hotel pet sitting will save the day.

How Hotel Pet Sitting Works

Just like the name suggests, hotel pet sitting is where a professional comes to your hotel room and sits your pet while you go about your day to day activities. If you have a dog, the session can also include a short walk to give him exercise and a chance to have an adventure of his own.

The session will just be like your in home pet sitting session, only that this time it will be in a hotel room. You will be hiring a professional pet sitter who will come to your hotel room, feed your pet, play with him and clean his bedding.

To get the service, you only need to do a quick search on the internet for hotel pet sitting in your location. You will get several options from the search. When choosing, it’s important to make sure that you are picking a company that is insured, bonded and certified to give first aid when necessary. You should also get pet sitters who have passed background checks.

At this point, the only thing left is to schedule a free consultation where you can go over your expectations with your chosen pet sitter. Once you have worked out an arrangement that works, you can go ahead and enjoy your vacation knowing that your fur baby is in safe hands.

Hotel Pet Sitting Checklist

Here are some things to do before setting out with your pet:

  1. Read your hotel’s pet policy. Know if you can stay with your pet in your room and be sure that you know about any regulations that are in effect.
  2. Take your pet on a short trial run. If it’s the first time you are traveling with your pet, take a short drive together and see the reaction. It will help you know what to expect on the long one.
  3. Make sure your pet has an ID tag with up to date contact information. If you intend to use a pet carrier during the trip, for example, in an airplane, you can also have a tag on the carrier.
  4. Buckle up. Having an unrestrained pet in the car is not only a distraction to the driver but also dangerous for the pet should an accident occur. Avoid this by including a pet barrier, a travel crate, a pet seat belt or a pet car seat.
  5. Talk to your veterinarian about the trip if it’s the first time you are traveling with your pet or if you have any health concerns.

Now that you know hotel pet sitting is an option, start thinking about where you’d like to travel to. Don’t forget to consult with the decision maker of the home….Your pet!