Pet Sitting or Kenneling. Which is better?

Pros and Cons about kennels:

  • PRO: You don’t have someone going to your house. (To some people it’s a Con!)
  • PRO: Your dog is in the presence of a company who’s business it is to watch your dog. nothing else but to watch dogs and play with dogs!
  • CON: Are you ready for a crash course on vaccines? Most kennels require certain vaccines. Typically, it’s just the Rabies vaccine (as required by law) and the Bordatella vaccine (helps protect against “Kennel Cough”). Other kennels also require Leptospirosis and DAPP (also known as “DA3P” “Distemper” or “Parvo” because the shot typically contains all the vaccines for Distemper, Adinovirus, Parainfluenza and Parvo). If your pet isn’t up to date on those shots, they may require boosters. That means every 3 weeks, you have to take your pet back to the vet to get 3-4 total rounds of shots. If you’re one of the 85% of pet owners who only get the Rabies vaccine, I hope this search is 10 weeks in advance of your trip!
  • CON: It is important to find a location you trust. Reputation is important and reviews are the end-all-be-all. The main reason for this is that extra attention is typically on a Extra Fee basis. If you want your pet to have time outside of it’s kennel to play, you may have to pay extra for that. If you want outside time instead of inside time (playing in a yard with grass vs. playing in a room), you may have to pay for that. Consider all the “features” offered.
  • CON: Pets are stressed in strange environments. They are typically given food that they are not used to, which may cause stomach and intestinal distress. Vomiting and diarrhea are common results of this.
  • CON: Sometimes, infections diseases are carried and transferred in this type of facility. Think about a kindergarten class. One child comes in with the flu.  If your pet is ONLY protected against one type of disease (i.e. Rabies), will he come home with something else?

Pro’s and Con’s about Pet Sitters:

  • PRO: Your pet is in their home (not a cage), on their own schedule, eating their own food. They get the love & attention they crave, while getting the safety and protection they need.
  • PRO: Your house is “lived-in”. Someone is there turning on lights, coming & going, getting the mail and newspaper. Burglars don’t get an opportunity to even look in your home’s direction.
  • PRO: Your pet is in their own environment, which is less stressful.
  • CON: (To some people!) Someone other than you is in your home. It is important to find someone you trust.
Pet Sitting vs Kenneling

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