Classic Sitting Services
Frequently Asked

Questions You Might Have About Our Services

Yes! We are insured and bonded through Essex Insurance Company. We are also certified members of PSA (Pet Sitters Associates).


Yes! We are certified through Pet Tech™ for pet CPR & First Aid. We hope to never have to use our training.


Classic Sitting Services is a family owned business and your pets are treated as our family too! All of our Sitters undergo extensive background checks and are Pet CPR Certified. By choosing Classic Sitting Services instead of a kennel, your pets are not exposed to other illnesses, too-rough of play time, and are kept in the comfort and safety of their own home. We have multiple Sitters to ensure there is always someone available for your pet, regardless of sudden illness or personal emergency. Also, Classic Sitting Services has NO Blackout dates!

The initial consultation is free and is intended for us to get to know each other and your pet(s) with the safety of their owners present. We will discuss what you are looking to get out of the services, observe how your pets interact with you in the home and out on walks (if applicable), and will also be able to review important medical and scheduling information. This is especially important for those pets needing a little extra attention due to age and/or anxiety. The initial consultation is extremely important (and required) to ensure everyone is comfortable and will have the best experience possible!

We want you to be yourself! We are the new introductions to the family dynamic, so we want you to be as normal as possible!

We attempt to introduce ourselves to the humans first, then the pets. This way, especially with dogs, they can see the trust being built between us, and will be more relaxed as well! After discussing what the pet(s) needs are and discussing different options available, we may request to go on a quick walk so we can observe how you execute walk time, as well as a walk through of the home to discuss any concerns (if the cats must be kept out of certain rooms, or the puppy must be kept from “counter surfing,” etc.). We also request that all Time To Pet information be completed 1 day prior to the Initial Consultation to allow ample time for us to review for any concerns. Time To Pet allows you to input medications/medical concerns and veterinarian information. It is always best for us to be able to ask medical questions up front, and prior to you leaving on your trip!

Initial Consultations are required to ensure the safety of both pets and Sitters. No services will be rendered without completing this crucial first interaction.

If you have never been a client but are having an emergency and need services immediately, please call us as soon as possible. We can discuss any options that may be available at that time.

We use a wonderful tool called Time To Pet. All clients will set up their own profile and create their pet’s profile. Clients are able to schedule any of our services through their client portal. We are also available by email, and have convenient phone hours, too!

Time To Pet is an online tool which allows our Clients to easily schedule appointments for their pets, and set up client and pet profiles. This individual profile capability allows clients to update their contact information, provide a change in veterinarian or medication, add pet likes or dislikes, and any other information that may be important, or just fun to know! This tool is also available on iOS and Android devices for easy mobile capability.

Time To Pet provides an invoice. All invoices can be paid by Cash, Credit Card, PayPal, or mailed check/eCheck!

Tipping is never expected, but always appreciated! Our pet sitters work hard to ensure your pet feels loved, just as you do. If you do decide to leave a tip, you can leave cash for the sitter at the location, though invoices do not have a “tip” line to add after services are complete.

We book services in time frames to ensure all clients can be accommodated as expeditiously as possible, accounting for traffic, trains, weather, accidents, etc. For instance, while booking a 30 minute check in, times available may display as 8-9am, 11am-12pm, 2-3pm, 4-5pm, and so forth. Clients may choose the time frame that best suits their needs and schedule!

Instead of requesting our Clients give us a key, we utilize lock boxes which stays on your property! This ensures that if for any reason a Sitter can’t complete a check in at the time scheduled, we will be able to have another Sitter arrive in their place and have no issues getting into the home. We have lock boxes available with a refundable deposit. Clients may utilize their own lock box instead, as long as it meets certain safety standards.

This actually happens more often than you’d think! Sometimes it’s something small, such as not as much canned food vs dry food as previously thought, or that extra package of piddle pads or litter in the garage disappeared! Sometimes there is something more important such as: Passport was left on the dresser and it needs to be sent overnight. We are able to do some light shopping or errand running to help in these situations where remediation in any other way is impossible. This is charged at the hourly rate + cost. We try to make these situations as easy as possible, so you will be provided with a copy of the receipt and the total amount will simply be added to your invoice!

While we do prefer the same Sitter for the pet, there may be times when that Sitter is unavailable for illness, vacation, etc. Rest assured, since we do have multiple Sitters on our team, an informed back-up will be able to accommodate your appointment in any event.

Everyone wants to know that their pet(s) will be given the care and attention they deserve, just how you specify. We guarantee this every time! We are happy to address any and all concerns if ever there is a situation where you are not 100% satisfied. We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients and their pets!

We offer customized pet sitting options! We can customize many different options, depending on what your pet’s needs and comfort level are. While there are standard rates for services, there may be discounts or promotions available!

We know it can be nerve-racking to look for a sitter and have them come into your home. We try to be as up front as possible, and are available to answer any questions you may have, so never hesitate to call or email us! Classic Sitting Services is Insured and Bonded, which includes having the pet in our care, custody and control. Our Sitters are also included in this, and are extensively background checked to ensure the safety of your home and pet, and are all Pet CPR Certified. Sitters are strictly prohibited from bringing anyone else to your home, including any of their own pets, children, friends, or other family members. There are NO blackout dates! If your pet’s primary sitter is suddenly unavailable for a booked service, we will always have a back up available