How excited is your pup when you grab their leash and head towards the door? They jump, bark and express in numerous ways how happy they are to go outside. Other than relieving their bladder and exerting energy, what other dog walking benefits are there for your furry ones?

Dog Walking Benefits: Happy Pet No Sweat

Whether you walk or jog, dogs enjoy getting outside and exploring their surroundings. The smells and sounds alone are enough to keep them busy for hours, but did you know dog walking increases endorphins? Like humans, dogs have an increase in endorphins when doing high intensity activities. This “feel good” chemical is released in their brain and helps alleviate some of their negative behaviors and destructive tendencies. If you can’t dedicate enough time each day for your pet, consider hiring a reliable dog walker to ensure they get the benefits they deserve.

Overweight Unhealthy Fate

Social media has it’s fair share of chubby pet videos, but obesity in dogs is no laughing matter. The majority of us know the laziness we feel when we overeat. When you over feed a dog they feel it too and they have a hard time burning off those extra pounds. They can’t choose to join a gym or take the stairs whenever they have some pounds to shed. That’s why their health and well-being is in your hands. Dog walking once or twice a day can help them manage their weight to ensure they don’t end up at the vet. Did you know that in 2015 over 15 billion dollars were spent on Veterinarian services? Save yourself a huge vet bill and pay close attention to serving suggestions on the food labels.

Meet & Greet What a Treat

We’ve all seen the movies where a guy uses dog walking to pick up girls in the park, but could this actually work in real life? Socializing and meeting new people in person is becoming a thing of the past. While trying not to sound too much like an out of touch senior citizen, social media has definitely had an impact on our ability to strike up conversations. Taking your pup for a walk or to play at a local dog park gives you a great opportunity to work on your communication skills.

Whether you want to build confidence for work, meet that special someone or just say quick hellos in passing, dog walking in public places gives you that opportunity. People love animals and when they see you walking your dog, they perceive you more favorably than if you were just walking alone. While we’re not suggesting this will cure your shyness or guarantee a marriage, we are positive that people love to talk about their pets and are anxious to tell others all about them.

Stress Less

We’ve talked about how dog walking can make your pet happy, save you money and help you meet new people, but what if you could also reduce stress? Your pet loves you no matter what may have happened during your day. Coming home to that smiling face and limitless love is enough for some to relax and unwind, but for others it may not be that easy. We already know dog walking can increase endorphins, but did you know it can also reduce cortisol levels? Without getting into a deep scientific explanation, high cortisol levels can have major negative impacts on your health.

Getting outside and walking with your dog can get your mind off the things that stress you out. You may be reading this and thinking that your long hours don’t allow for time to walk your pet. Hire a professional dog walker to do it for you and stop stressing and feeling guilty about leaving them alone for so long.

Pets bring a lot of happiness and joy into our lives. Dog walking is just one way we can show them our appreciation and possibly benefit ourselves at the same time. Whatever action you take, make sure it’s something that can be done on a consistent basis and enjoy it!