Fido may have some space to run in your front or back yard, but it’s nothing compared to the exercise dog parks have to offer. If your dog has been exhibiting behavior problems such as chewing or just generally being destructive while you’re away from the home, the issue may be a lack of exercise. Even if you don’t have the time to take them, consider a professional dog walker or pet sitter. This will help ensure they get the exercise they deserve.

Dogs and Their Energy

It’s important to understand your dog’s roots. Many breeds are used to undertaking a range of “work” such as herding, hunting game, controlling vermin and even protecting livestock. If your pup is spending hours at a time indoors, with very little to do or play with, the chances of unwanted chewing, garbage attacks and other behaviors become a bit easier to understand – he or she is bored!

Benefits of Dog Parks

There are numerous benefits to taking your dog or puppy to a dog park in Apollo Beach, Florida. He or she will finally have a way to burn off all that energy, which means your things and your home become a bit safer against unwanted shredding, biting and mess-making. Not only will you be providing a fun outlet for all that energy, you’ll also engage Spot’s mind as he discovers all the new smells in the environment. Additionally, you’ll be addressing his need to be around other dogs.

They’re social animals, and if they spend a majority of their time on their own, dogs can get lonely. The dog park answers that need, and allows your pup to gain a better understanding and affinity for being around other dogs. Not only will this enrich his life, it also helps alleviate aggression or fear towards other dogs later on in life. For some dogs, this experience alone is worth the time spent – especially for smaller breeds of dogs who might not be able to defend themselves from larger dogs in your neighborhood.

Dog Parks in Apollo Beach, Florida

The beach life is great for both people and their furry friends, and there is a way to ensure optimal exercise and socializing. DogGoes Apollo Beach Dog Park is an excellent example of a place to enjoy. This lovely location is available for your pooch from sunup to sundown. There is even a separate area for owners with small dogs to make sure they don’t get stressed by being around those much larger breeds.

The facility offers plenty of benches for pet parents to relax and maybe even meet other people while their pooch enjoys playtime. With a variety of trees all over the grounds, a fence all the way around and plenty of drinking water, this facility is a great choice that answers your pet’s need for exercise and socializing.

Apollo Beach Park

While not completely dedicated to pooches, this dog park in Apollo Beach, Florida provides an area for both large and small breeds. There is also a skate park, basketball courts and tennis courts. This means the kids can enjoy some exercise time as well. The doggie area is fenced in, and has a covered pavilion, poo bags and waste receptors to make everything easy and convenient.

Al Lopez Park

This Apollo Beach, Florida dog park opens at sunup and closes at 9pm. Both leashed and unleashed pets are welcome, depending on whether you are in the main park area or one of the two dog parks. This facility also separates large and small breeds, and has agility equipment and doggie fountains for even more fun and exercise.

If you want to make sure your family’s furry friend gets the exercise and mental stimulation needed for optimal health and behavior, make sure to check out these dog parks in and around Apollo Beach.