Cats are naturally elegant, independent and playful. They also love to receive attention from anyone and everyone who is around them. With that in mind, is hiring a cat sitter or cat boarding the best way to ensure that your cat gets the best care when you are not in a position to do it yourself?

Hiring a Cat Sitter

Here, a professional cat sitter will come to your home or hotel and spend time with your cat. The professional will clean his litter box, feed him and even play with him. There are two types of cat sitting available.

The first type is where the sitter will come to the house at specific times every day to feed, clean and exercise your cat. The other less common type is where the cat sitter lives at your house, so your cat always has someone around him.


Here are the advantages of having a pet sitter as opposed to pet boarding:

For starters, there is no place better than home. Your cat will be most comfortable in a familiar environment. As a result, he will be happier and more relaxed when the cat sitter comes and interacts with him in his usual environment.

Your cat sitter is more likely to do a better job because fewer animals are competing for attention. When the sitter comes to your home, they only have one agenda: to take care of your cat. As a result, they are less likely to forget an activity because they are caring for too many cats.

Cat Boarding

Cat boarding, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. Instead of having someone come to stay with your cat while you are away, you take your cat to a new ‘home’ where he will be fed and taken care of until you are back.


Like cat sitting, cat boarding also has its advantages

First and foremost, it is usually cheaper than hiring a cat sitter to come and take care of your cat at home. Since the cat boarding facility takes care of many cats, the owners share the cost of paying the sitter.

Since it’s a boarding facility with more than one cat, it will give your cat a chance to socialize and enjoy the company of other cats. However, this can become a problem because of the risk of injuries when aggressive cats meet during social time.

Which way to go?

Although each has its benefits, cat sitting is the clear winner. It may be a bit more expensive, but the result is better for you, and more importantly, for your cat.

You also have the privilege of having professional pet sitters take care of your cat. They will quickly identify any strange signs in your cat’s appearance or behavior, and as a result, you will know about it early.

When you get a cat sitter from Classic Sitting Services, you will also get the option of having photos and updates sent to you after every visit to give you peace of mind as you enjoy your trip knowing that your cat is happy and stress-free!