Going on a vacation or planning to be away from home for an extended period of time? Don’t stress about your pets and how to care for them while you’re gone. Consider hiring a Tampa cat sitter to ensure their needs are met. Here are some important things to know before hiring the best Tampa cat sitter.

Are They Insured?

We all know how important insurance is to have in-case something goes wrong. Tampa cat sitters should have liability insurance to cover themselves from any unforeseen issues. If something valuable is broken, your pet gets hurt or there’s damage to your home, they’re protected under their own policy and not left with a huge lawsuit or bill. We all hope to never have to use it, but it’s simply a must for the best Tampa cat sitter.

Are They Bonded?

Although bonding is very similar to insurance, it provides another level of protection to the client. If something goes missing and you can prove it was the sitter who took it, you are given a replacement or financially reimbursed for that item. If you are looking for the best Tampa cat sitter, then they will definitely be bonded.

Does The Tampa Cat Sitter Offer Free Consultations?

You’re going to be letting a new person come into your home and interact with your furry loved ones. It’s always a good idea to meet them first and ensure they know the routine you’d like them to follow. Pay attention to how they interact with your pets, family members and you. Are they shy, uninterested or heaven forbid rude? Then they may not be the best Tampa cat sitter. Always trust your gut instinct and look out for companies who want to charge you to earn your business.

How Will You Know They Did Their Job?

Unfortunately there are companies out there that don’t do what they’re paid to do. The best Tampa cat sitter would offer a “real time” text, call or e-mail update if you’ll be available. This ensures you know what time they arrived, what tasks were completed and any issues they may have encountered. Classic Sitting Services for example will send a cute picture of your pet with a note about how the visit went.

What Is Their Reputation?

The best Tampa cat sitter would be easily found online. They accomplish this by investing time & money in a website, social media and pet sitter networks. If you see a lot of results when you search their name, chances are they take pride in their reputation and company image. Take a look at their reviews. These can be found on Facebook, Google or their website. If you like what you see, take the next step and give them a chance to earn your business.

Give Them A Trial Run

If you’re still not 100% sure about the company, give them a trial run. Before you take that vacation, have them come and take care of your kiddos once or twice. Take a day trip somewhere or hang out at a neighbors and see how they do. While this may not be fool proof, it would surely give you a good idea about their work ethic. Were they on time, did they stay the amount of time they were supposed to? If they don’t know you’re “testing” them then they will likely handle themselves as normal.

Being able to take a vacation and not stress about your pets is a wonderful feeling. Knowing they’re in good hands, at their own house and following their normal routine is the most ideal way to travel. Take the time to research and get to know the best Tampa cat sitter for your needs and finally take that long awaited vacation you deserve!